Contributed some bits to the following organizations.

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Quantitative Technology Intern

Qube Research & Technologies
  • Building latency sensative software for the hedge fund
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Graduate Product Engineer
  • Built new infratructure and contributed to better DevOps practices
  • Built Kubernetes Vulnerability Scanner for automated weekly vulnerability assessments using tools including Trivy, Kubeaudit, and Kube_bench, deployed to airflow. Developed a way to securely connect to the production clusters.
  • Implemented a web-based Kubernetes user interface with multiple-level role access, attached a Tailscale sidecar for the interface to be accessible just via internal VPN using Terraform
  • Implemented alarms for failed Kubernetes nodes (failing status check) in ASG(auto-scaling groups) and per node
  • Built a new monitoring infrastructure:
  1. Installed cluster-level Prometheus instances, AWS-managed Grafana, and Prometheus (AMP), using Terraform
  2. Built a pipeline to transfer data related to metrics from cluster-level Prometheus instances to AWS-managed Prometheus instance, utilized those to generate dashboards in Grafana using AMP as the primary data source using Terraform and Helm
  3. Built custom dashboards to generate meaningful insights from the collected metrics
  • Worked on adding support for Hightouch integration in the Paradime Ecosystem
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Product Engineer

Students’ Placement Office
  • Created Recruitment Automation System for use in IITK by about 500 companies and 1700 students in the coming recruitment phase this year.
  • Enhanced security and achieved an improvement in response time by approximately 60%.
  • Spearheaded a team of 2 Lead and 6 Junior developers
  • Designed and built a microservice based backend with more than 150 endpoints in Go including context models, an async mailing system, a Content Delivery System.
  • Built a responsive frontend in Next.js, with features including type-based API calls, notifications, data filtering, a persistent store, Lazy Loading, page-level auth and RTE.
  • Ideated and wrote CI/CD pipeline for smooth deployment, orchestrated using Nginx and Docker.
  • Details about the solution architecture are available here.
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Team Head, AUV-IITK

IIT Kanpur
  • Leading a team of 50+ undergraduates to participate in international marine robotics competitions like RoboSub 2023
  • Responsible for improving the software stack and design of our 3rd generation AUV-Tarang
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Web Head, Students’ Placement Office

IIT Kanpur
  • Leading a team of 5 Web Executives.
  • Maintaining the organization’s servers and VM, designed new infrastructure including the website, CDN, and portals
  • Solved critical networking challenges while various deployments within IITK and SPO internal networks
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Team Member, AUV-IITK

IIT Kanpur
  • Improved the team website, which ranked 3rd amongst 52 participating teams in Robosub, 2021, the largest competition for student-built AUVs in the world
  • Utilized Extended Kalman Filters based SLAM algorithm to enhance pose estimation and navigation
  • Implemented and researched the efficiency of graph-based, probabilistic, and deep learning-based SLAM algorithms like FastSLAM and RatSLAM in underwater conditions
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Secretary, Programming Club

IIT Kanpur
  • Among the 25 selected secretaries responsible for various activities of the club
  • Wrote a multi-part blog series aimed as an explainer about the various low-level components of a Linux Distribution (Linux Demystified)