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Don't like Rust? Use some CLI tools written in it once


This started with me finding a really fast grep statement, as I needed to go through a large filesystem (huge, actually) and find certain kinds of malicious files. Turned out with ripgrep it was just as easy as any standard grep statement, whereas, if I'd choose to go the standard grep route, it'd be some chained command with awk and a whole lot of regex.

Anyways, you can also get started the switch to using (and appreciating) Rust CLI tools, 10/10 recommended. Here's a list of some of the ones I've used and liked:

  • ripgrep <- grep
  • fd <- find
  • exa <- ls
  • bat <- cat
  • procs <- ps
  • du-dust <- du
  • hexyl <- hexdump
  • hyperfine <- time
  • tokei <- wc
  • sd <- sed (not so awesome yet though)
  • delta <- diff
  • broot <- tree
  • zoxide <- cd
  • zoom <- less
  • grex <- For regex stuff

Would update this list as I find more.


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